USDA Processing

Two Types of Beef Processors

In Colorado, beef can be processed in two different types of facilities: custom processors and USDA inspected processors. Custom processors are still regulated by the USDA and there is nothing wrong with them; they are periodically audited by the USDA. USDA inspected processors, on the other hand, have at least one full time USDA inspector on site at all times.


Custom Processing vs. USDA Processing

The primary difference between the two, at least as it applies to Brown Paper Beef, is that the law states that custom processed beef can only be processed for the owner of the beef and cannot be resold. It also cannot be processed for anyone living out of state. Beef processed in a USDA inspected processing plant does not have these restrictions.

In order for us to have the flexibility to best serve you, we choose to use only USDA inspected processors.