The Breeds

Modern Cattle Are Too Big

For the most part, modern cattle breeds are not suited to finishing on grass; they've been bred to be large framed and make rapid weight gain in confined, grain-fed feedlot operations. The good news is that the proper genetics still exist in the purebred English breeds that are used for the basis of the modern Continental and Brahman hybrids. Breeds such as Angus, Hereford, Scotch Highland, Galloway and Red Devon are well suited to raising and finishing on grass.

English Breeds
English Breeds

Hybrid English Crosses Work Well on Grass

We use hybrid crosses of these English breeds. Crossbred cattle benefit from what is known as “hybrid vigor” which means they exhibit traits that are superior to that of either of their parents. This translates into cattle that finish very well on grass with a very high percentage of beef grading USDA choice or higher.

Our Three Tools for Tenderness

The correct genetics in our herd are one of the three tools that we use, in addition to finishing on the highest quality pastures and top of the line dry aging, to ensure that Brown Paper Beef is tender and flavorful.