The Beef

Making it Great

We start with the best English breeds, graze them on our highest quality pastures, and then dry age them for three full weeks. It's what makes our grass fed and grass finished beef so tender and flavorful, the kind of beef you'd expect to find in a fine dining setting.

Always Eating Grass

We do this without confining our animals in a feedlot or corral and without feeding them any of the substances that are cause for concern. No antibiotics, grain, animal by-products, steroids, hormones or the like are ever fed to our animals. Our beef is pasture raised and “all natural” in every sense of the word.

Tender & Tasty Grass Fed Steak
Tender & Tasty Grass Fed Steak

Our Reward

Our reward is great beef that is very healthy: low in fat, high in nutrients, ethically raised and great tasting. Please take a look at the links to the right, especially the health benefits page, where you will find the details.

We think we've covered just about everything, but if we've missed something, just contact us and we'll answer any questions you might have!