Always Grazing

The Science of Grazing

Tall Grass

We use a practice called management intensive grazing to ensure that our beef is always eating the best grass we have. Management intensive grazing is simply the practice of frequently moving our cattle to new paddocks so that they are always feeding on fresh, untrampled grass.

Good for the Land

Not only does this practice make for happy, healthy cows, it also makes for happy, healthy pastures. Adequate rest and regrowth time for our pastures keeps the land and soil habitat healthy, with lots of beneficial micro-organisms, worms, dung beetles and the like in every square foot of earth. In turn, the presence of these critters helps the grass grow thick and tall and provides food and forage, not just for the cattle, but for the other wildlife in the area.

Grasslands are vibrant and abundant habitats with a variety of insects, birds, reptiles, herbivores and predators. Proper management keeps them that way.

Patiently Herded

We've found that when it comes to handling our animals, slowly and calmly usually works best. We herd our animals on foot, letting them move at their own pace. This reduces stress on them and on us. And since they are used to being frequently moved to new paddocks where the grass is fresh, they're usually eager to go along!

An Abundance of Grass
An Abundance of Grass

Never Confined

Aside from the occasional run through the chute where we tag, inspect and weigh them, our animals are never confined. The only exception to this would be if we have a sick or injured animal that we feel needs to be more closely monitored. This is a rare occurrence.