What Is "Grass Finishing"?

The vast majority of cattle are grass fed during the first part of their lives, but almost all of them end up spending their last days in a confined animal feeding operation - a CAFO or feedlot - eating grain.

At Brown Paper Beef our animals are never confined in a feedlot and never eat grain. They finish where they started, grazing in tall grass pastures. Click for more info on Grass Finishing.

Dry Aged, Tender & Flavorful

Grass fed beef has a reputation for being lean and flavorful though a bit on the tough side. But it doesn't have to be!

We use a combination of proper herd genetics, finishing on our highest quality pasture grasses and extended dry aging to produce beef that is nicely marbled, very tender and with a great flavor we know you'll love.

Our Simple Guarantee

We want you to try our beef and we want you to truly enjoy eating it. After all, a quarter or a side (not to mention a whole beef) is a big commitment. If it's not great beef, you could be stuck with it.

That's not true with Brown Paper Beef. We fully stand behind your order. Click for more info on our simple guarantee.


Brown Paper Beef is Grass Fed, Grass Finished & Naturally Raised

We're a family owned and operated beef producer located north of Boulder, Colorado. We raise all natural, grass fed and grass finished beef for sale to quality conscious folks across this great country of ours.

All Natural means Naturally Raised

We never feed our animals antibiotics, steroids, supplements or animal by-products. We don't implant them with growth hormones and we don't treat them with chemical pesticides.

Always Grazing

Our animals are never confined and spend their lives eating grass they graze themselves in our pastures.

Tender & Flavorful

Our beef is dry aged, nicely marbled and exceptionally tender. We flash freeze our beef and we use the highest quality vacuum packaging so your beef investment will last.

Great Prices, Great Quality

Our prices are competitive with chain store supermarket prices but our quality is equal to the best quality grass fed beef you'll find in any whole grocer.

We're Here for You

We want you to get to know us and we want to answer any questions you might have. Please take some time and look around, then contact us if you have questions we can answer or if you're ready to place your order.


Thanks for considering Brown Paper Beef.

We look forward to serving you!